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Community Pride Award

The Buckingham Chamber of Commerce recently awarded the April 2022 edition of the Chamber's Community Pride Award to the St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary on Ranson Road. "The brothers, students, and staff at the St. Thomas Aqunias Seminary has done so much for this community and the people in it," said Chamber President Thomas Jordan Miles III. "The seminary is very worthy of this award not only for their buildings and grounds, but more so for their great work in the community." Pictured are, from left, Bro. Max Watner, Br. Christopher, Fr. and Seminary Rector Yves le Roux, Eddie Slagle, Brenda Jones, Faye Shumaker, Amy White, DuVall Shumaker, Barbara Wheeler, Ruth Lyle, Sandra Moss and Jewel Harris.

Buckingham Chamber of Commerce